Success Stories

Sarah Steel

This is wonder woman right here! Mother of two bubs, has a FIFO partner, works part time and is still 100% dedicated to her 3×60 min PT sessions a week!💪🏽⁣

From convenience mummy food to meal prepping , Sarah’s diet has taken a full 180. Yes she still loves a G&T and a cupcake, but her knowledge gained from tracking macros and portion sizes has allowed her to live a balanced life whilst looking amazing! ⁣

“I am feeling the best I have felt in my body since long before having children! Thanks to both Courtney and Izzy for your support and guidance over the last 3 months. I love my sessions with Courtney, she pushes me to get the most out of each session and the results are showing. We are able to have a good chat too, which for me is far more enjoyable than exercising on my own. Will be having a bit of time off but look forward to coming back bigger and better when I am able to get back into the gym!” ⁣

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