Success Stories

Tegan Kahlia

Tegan came to me last year to tone and lean down. She’d been training for years but had plateau’d. Tegan immediately fell in love with the advanced programming and strict structure of our training, and her results sky rocketed. Tegz hit some awesome PB’s in strength weeks, and got lean eating around 185-120g carbs! Only dropping to low-carb in her final weeks.

Tegz suffers from arthritis in her hip causing extreme chronic pain she lives with daily (and she’s only 26). But this doesn’t stop her from powering through workouts and sticking to her macros. She is so disciplined and I admire her strength, despite the bad hand she’s been dealt.

Keep being an inspiration Tegz <3

“Izzy, one of the most caring and helpful people I have come across! Izzy has taught me so much in the past 9 months and I will forever be grateful. I highly recommend Izzy the exercise nutritionist Queen to anyone”

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