Success Stories

Vicky Radcliffe

Start your Monday strong 💪🏽
When I first met Vicky she was very shy and wouldn’t be seen without loose T-shirts and baggy pants. She wouldn’t take her singlet under her t-shirt off for measurements, and was resistant to open up to me. Now Vicky meets me all energetic and bubbly, she’s done her cardio warm up and is super excited to get started. She finally owns some fitted tanks and leggings, and doesn’t she look bloody amazing!
Vicky your energy has changed so much since we met, and it couldn’t make me more happier knowing that you’re feeling more confident and trying things you never would have previously. Keep this spirit up and watch your life change <3

“I’ve always found the gym a very daunting and over whelming place to go. Izzy has helped me overcome my fear of the gym and even become at ease there. In the past 12 weeks I’ve lost weight, gained confidence and now keeping up with the kids much better than I used too. Without Izzy’s help I never would have completed a 42km overnight walk!! I still have a long way to go in my journey but have every confidence Izzy will get me there.”

If you’re sick of hiding behind loose clothing and not facing the truth, it’s time you start really living by making a change now.

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